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The Difference Between Refurbishments and Renovations

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One common cause of confusion for our customers is understanding the difference between property refurbishments and renovations. This is fairly unsurprising considering they both start with the same letter and are similar services. However, to help clarify the situation, we would like to explain the differences between them so that you can have a clearer idea about what construction work you’re looking to invest in.


Property renovations are projects that aim to change the structure or purpose of an existing space in your Fareham or Swanmore house. These changes could involve major alterations to your property’s layout, and, compared to property refurbishments, they can be more complicated and require more steps to complete. Some examples of different types of renovations include:


In comparison with property renovations, property refurbishments are more cosmetic than renovations. While a renovation may involve changing the purpose and layout of your interior space, a refurbishment is all about updating, fixing or redecorating the existing space. For instance, you may own a period property and wish to update certain aspects of it to restore it to its previous quality and retain the design and structure of the building. Refurbishment projects have more limits to them than renovations; however, they tend to be less expensive and can be completed quicker. 

Some ideas for refurbishments may include:

Which One Is Right for Me?

Both property refurbishments and renovations are valuable home improvement services that add value to your property and enrich your everyday living once complete. Considering that they’re two different services, your choice will depend on the extent to which you want to alter your property, your budget and the duration of the work. 

If you want to expand your living space or change the layout of your home, a renovation will give you the freedom to do so. On the other hand, if you wish to update or repair the existing elements within your property without making any major changes to it, a refurbishment is the way to go. 

If you still find that you’re confused after reading this blog post, speaking to professional builders is the best way to work things out. Give Urban Developments (Gosport) Ltd a call to discuss your home improvement needs. We can help find a solution that suits you, your budget and your property in Hampshire’s Swanmore and Fareham areas. 

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