Property Extension in Swanmore and Fareham
Advice for Planning Your Next Extension Project

At Urban Developments (Gosport) Ltd, we are highly skilled at constructing all kinds of property extensions for our customers in Swanmore and Fareham. These include:

Our expertise in a variety of extensions, refurbishments and our full design and build service makes us an excellent choice for anyone looking to expand their living space in Hampshire. But, choosing a quality home builder is only one piece of the puzzle. There are plenty of other aspects you should also consider. In the following blog, we will give you some food for thought when planning your next house extension project.

Have a Clear Purpose for Your Extension

When working with professional house builders such as us in Fareham and Swanmore, the more detail a client can give us during the design and planning stage, the better we can meet their needs. 

We encourage you to consider who will mostly be using this space once completed, when it will be used by that person/those people, and the function the space will be used for. Being able to understand this will give you a creative foundation to build something truly special.

Set Yourself a Budget

Property extension costs are tricky to calculate, given how varied each project can be. However, if you have an idea of a price range you’re willing to invest in the extension, this will help shape the design process. 

A general rule worth following is that you should allow for between £1,000-£2,000 per square meter and then have an extra 10-20 percent on top of that as a contingency fund to cover additional costs such as government VAT and fees for local authorities. Remember, Urban Developments (Gosport) Ltd builders will always provide you with a bespoke quote for all proposed work and tell you what’s capable within your budget for full transparency.

Get Approval for Your Project

Depending on the type of property extension you wish to build, it’s worth considering that some extensions require planning permission, and some don’t. Side-return extensions and rear-facing extensions usually come under permitted development, but larger wraparound extensions may not.

So, although not every extension needs planning permission, you will still need to acquire approval from Building Regulations to legally complete the project to construction safety standards.

Depending on the location of your property, you may also need to talk with your neighbours and get their approval before work can begin, such as getting a party wall agreement. Don’t worry though; Urban Developments (Gosport) Ltd can assist all our Fareham and Swanmore customers with these vital steps.

Materials Matter

There is plenty more that could be said about housing extensions, but the last point we’ll make is that it is useful to think about materials and how you would like your finished project to look and feel. Some people may want to go for a modern new look to update the property, while others may wish to find heritage materials that blend with the existing design of the house. 

You may also want to consider where in the house your extension is and the room’s access to sunlight. Would a skylight or bi-fold doors add to the joy and comfort you’ll experience with this new extension? Of course, we can offer suggestions on these aspects, but it certainly helps to have a good idea about what you’re looking for, given that this affects both your budget and design.

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