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The Importance of Solid Foundations for a New Build Property

Urban Developments (Gosport) Ltd is a team of new home builders, loyally serving current and prospective homeowners in Fareham, Swanmore and around Hampshire. This is one of the specialist services our professional builders offer our customers, along with property refurbishments, renovations and more. 

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There are many benefits associated with constructing new build properties. However, an integral part of your new build project is ensuring that the house you’re building is built with solid foundations. We want to share more information on this topic to help deepen your knowledge of it and get the most out of any future new build projects.

What Do Foundations Do in Domestic Construction?

Primarily, the foundations of a building keep it upright and stable. However, their purpose stretches beyond that. Foundations help reinforce the ground around the property, helping the building resist the effects of the elements that can damage the building’s structure, such as moisture build-up or movement of any kind. In addition, foundations assist in the insulation of the property, which can be valuable during the winter.

Deciding What Foundations You Need

When you hire new home builders for a new build project in Fareham and Swanmore, it’s worth getting a soil survey done to assess the ground condition and determine what foundations are required. Typically, you either need to choose between shallow and deep foundations. These will be reinforced with steel to strengthen the overall structure of the building. Shallow foundations are mostly used for small buildings and extensions, whereas deep foundations are required for taller buildings or buildings on weaker ground. Within these two types of foundations, there are various sub-categories, including:

  • Individual/Isolated Footing

  • Combined Footing

  • Strip Foundation

  • Raft/Mat Foundation

  • Pile Foundations

  • Drilled Shafts/Caissons

We can advise you on which type is right for your new build or domestic construction project.

Constructing the Foundations for New Build Projects

Before anything else can be done, your new home builders will start the construction of every new building project by installing the foundations. They will determine the correct type of foundational concrete to use and ensure that it’s dried and cured properly. Excavation can then begin to dig out the necessary depth for the foundations to be laid down. After that, the footings can be installed before steel reinforcement is applied and the concrete is poured. Once complete, sealant can then be applied to the footings. Throughout these processes, your home builder will perform various quality checks to prevent cracks in the foundation, which could be detrimental to the building’s condition in the future.

This is a snapshot of what’s involved in constructing a new build. If you’re based in the Fareham and Swanmore areas of Hampshire, please call the number below to speak to a member of our team about our new build services. They can give you more precise details about building foundations and other aspects of the construction process.

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