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Tips for Home Living During Construction Work

Urban Developments (Gosport) Ltd is an experienced construction company that takes on various domestic construction projects in Fareham, Swanmore and across Hampshire. Whether you need a building company for a new extension, a refurbishment or an entirely new house, we have the skills, tools and experience necessary to complete the job. View our previous projects for some examples of what we can do for you and your home. 

Tips from Our Building Contractors

Once you’ve worked out exactly what building work you’d like to be done to your home, many homeowners need to ask themselves, “Should I live in my house during the construction work, or should I temporarily move out?” Considering that living in temporary accommodation can be quite pricey in addition to your home improvement costs, it’s unsurprising that many people choose to live at home during the construction process. In our line of work as a construction company, we endeavour to be as informative as possible. To help you through this transitional time, we have some top tips you should consider when preparing for construction work in your home.

Have a Clear Schedule of Work Prior to Your Domestic Construction Project

Preparing for construction in your home requires a certain amount of planning. To do this successfully, you need to agree on a schedule of work with your home builders. Not only is this crucial to ensure you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for, but this is also essential so you know when and for how long you should make arrangements to work around your upcoming home improvements.

Create Separate Zones in Your Home

When planning for home improvements in your Fareham or Swanmore house, you should plan out different zones to keep you, your family and your belongings separate from the construction site. This is essential for the following reasons:

What Our Building Company Recommends

As a professional construction company, we would suggest blocking off the construction area as much as you can and creating an entrance to the property that’s exclusive to the workers. Depending on the location of the construction work, you may need to make a temporary space to be used as a kitchen or make alternative arrangements if a bathroom is out of use. Remember, if you have a garden or other outdoor space, you can utilise this more as living space to compensate for your temporary reduction in internal space.

Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy

Even when you don’t have building contractors working in your Fareham or Swanmore home, everyone aspires to have a clean and tidy house for hygiene and organisation purposes. As mentioned already regarding your belongings, you may want to move those to an unaffected area of your home or consider putting larger items (such as furniture) in a secure storage unit if you don’t have the space. As many will know, domestic construction work usually involves creating a lot of mess in the form of sawdust, drywall and other forms of debris. Between you and your builders, you should make sure that the affected areas are cleaned each day to negate the build-up of these substances to protect yourselves from any dust allergies as well as ensure your home and belongings remain as clean as possible.

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